Hi . This is the story of how we met.I was 14 and had an amazing crush on a guy who was 6 yrs older then me,So we took it slow ,By the age of 16 we were living together and having our son .We have been through alot ,health scares ,We planned 2 times for getting married but just couldn't go through it  scared i guess.Then last yr john had a heartattack which damaged his left side of his heart,ill never forget when the heart doctor told us that we looked at each other,like wow..Ill never forget on the way home he was crying the heart dr. told us this was his 2nd change in life do what you have to do now.So on the long ride home between the tears,he said i think we should get married this time for real.I agreed and hurried to buy the marriage license's before he had a chance to change his mind lol.So here we are 23 yrs later yes i said 23 yrs together,and we are getting married on June 2nd my Birthday,Since we have everything we need ,We just have a money box,Our family is probably still waiting for us to cancel soon ,But everything is Booked and bought .We are so ready to spend the next 23 yrs as MR & MRS .JOHN WOOD

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